Conference Call

Conference Call with Pastor K. Femi Akojenu

Join NY Times Featured Spiritual Warfare Expert, K. Femi Akojenu, for an anointed, eye-opening conference Call on spiritual warfare.

Every Night @ 10pm EST

Dial-in Number: (716) 427-1337
Access Code: 695907#

Break Generational curses; Break the Cycle of Defeat and Limitation; Receive Divine Healing and Break the curse of Poverty.

For info: 855-454-3396 or

If you miss a conference call, you can listen to the playback by calling

(716) 427-1342
Access Code: 695907#

Here is a list of past conference calls and their reference numbers

1 Why Am I Suffering?
2 Raging Spirit
3 Secret You Need to Know
4 Prayer for Employment
5 Spiritual Cages
6 Overcoming Spirit of Poverty
7 Spiritual Court
8 Overcoming Anti-Marriage Forces
9 Demonic Devices
10 Overcoming Attacks in the Dream
11 Effective Warfare Prayers
12 Deliverance From Spirit of Infirmities
13 Demonic Delays
14 Demonic Evil Cords
15 Foundation
16 Communion/Testimony From an Ex Satanist
17 Spiritual Market
18 How to Receive a Miracle 1
19 Demonic Device: The Peace Strategy
20 How to Receive a Miracle 2
21 War at the Edge of Breakthrough
22 Overcoming the Strong Man
23 Overcoming the Enemy of Your Star
24 Evil Spiritual Trees
25 Forces That Limit Potentials
26 Defeating Evil Power from the Heavenlies
27 How to Receive from God and Keep it
28 Strategies the Enemy Uses to Keep People from Rising up in Life
29 Fragmented Souls
30 Bewitchment
31 Error in Life Caused by Demonic Rulers
32 Freedom Crusade 1
33 Freedom Crusade 2
34 Wicked Men
35 Who Has The Final Say?
36 Mass Deliverance
37 Spiritual of Failure
38 Weapon of Warfare: The Fire of God
39 Almost There, Never There
40 Weapon of Warfare: The Shield of Faith
41 The Power of Confession in Receiving Miracle
42 Divine Visitation
43 Defeating Demonic Attacks Coming From Various Levels
44 Total Deliverance from Curses
45 Confronting Enemies That Refuses to Let us Go
46 Season of Blessings and Greatness
47 Basics of Warfare
48 Unseen Evil Influence
50 The Seal of Darkness
51 Opening Closed Doors
52 Breaking Evil Dedication
53 The Cyrus Anointing
54 Faith - Key to Receiving from God
55 Conquering Every Wickedness Working Against You
56 Mind Captivity
57 Commanding Your Morning
58 Conquering Your Parents Demons
59 Lessons from a December Miracle
60 Summary of 2013 Conference Calls

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Effective Warfare Prayers

Listen to the message on Spiritual Cages by clicking on the link below:

Spiritual Cages  

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