Overcoming Household Wicknedness

One of the strategies of household wickedness is what is called "Point of Contact". What they look to do is to take anything that belongs to you and use it to do evil against you.

Examples of "point of contact" is nail clipping, underwear, hair, clothes, picture, pen. Some even go to the extent of using menstral pad, something very personal to you.

What they usually do is take any of these things to an obeah man, a juju man, a psychic, a voodoo or santeria man and ask them to put a curse on another person. They do rituals with these things to put a curse on the one they want to harm. They put certain sicknesses, certain blockages and evil thing in the life of the one they want to hurt or harm.

When you know you are in an hostile enviroment, you need to be very careful. When you are in a place where you are not loved, please be very careful

I heard a story of a woman who took a group picture at work during the Christmas party and put the picture on her desk. Someone on the job, who didn't like her, cut out her face from the group picture. They took it somewhere to have a curse put on her.

You need to be led by the Spirit of God in all that you do. Just because they are your family members do not mean you always have to tell them what's going on in your life. Ask God. Let him lead you. When you do, you may be surprised that when you want to share the goodnews of the interview or the new college admission or job, that the holy spiririt may give a check in your spirit, not to call or share with particular person or people.

You may say but that's my family, I am very happy and I need to share with them. The Holy Spirit will say don't call. When you are led by the Spirit of God, you will be saved from from all kinds of trouble.

The people that you have trusted, the people that you think have your best interest at heart may not. Sometimes they are the one going behind your back and doing evil against you.

This is not supposed to turn you into a suspicious person - that you start to suspect everyone around you. Not at all. This is just for you to be aware that this is real and be prayerful and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Don't just assume that because you sleep in the same bed that they have your best interest at heart; that because you are business partners mean that they have your best interest at heart; that because you are in the same church mean that they have your best interest at heart; don't assume that because they smile with you that they are truly happy with you. They may not be led by the Spirit of God.

Who do you allow into your space? Who do you allow into your bedroom? Who do you allow your children to spend the night with? Do you know them? What kind of spirit do they have? Do they love God or are they agents of satan just sent to you to harm you, kill, steal and destroy you.

I have heard about people who have brought in a stranger into their lives. They just wanted to help, but they didn't know that the person they were helping was an agent of Satan. Be very Careful.

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