Close All Doors to Satan

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan generally operate by legal rights or open doorways. Except we open the door of our lives to God, He can't come in to our lives to be our personal Savior, healer and deliverer. That is why Jesus said in Revelation 3:20, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." If you don't allow Him in, He won't come in. Have you invited Jesus to be your Savior, healer and deliverer? If you haven't, please open the door of your life to Him now.

In the same way, the Devil generally can't come into your life except the door is open to him. Unlike God, who only comes in by your personal prayer of invitation, there are many ways the door can be opened to Satan. Some of those ways are through thoughts and actions most people think are harmless. Some of the problems and demonic attacks we experience are as a direct result of doors that have been opened to Satan unknowingly. Unless you close those doors, the devil has a legal right to operate in your life and to steal, kill and destroy any blessing that is in your life.

The first step to take in receiving deliverance from all demonic attacks and problems is making sure all doors are closed to Satan. How can you close doors unless you know what has open the door to the enemy in your life? Here is a list of things that opens the door to the devil.

1. A family background in the occult or false religions. See Exodus 20:1-5. Examples of cults and false religions include: Rosicrucian, Masons, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, Palm Reading, Psychics, Tarot Card Reading, Bush Bath, etc. Whenever you visit the psychic, root workers or spiritual readers, you open the door of your life to their God, Satan. Many people are deceived because the things these psychics or "readers" tell them about themselves are true or come true. They submit to the commands or advice of these people because they think they possess gifts from God. What they don't know is that the devil too has the ability to see. These psychics work hand in hand with familiar or demonic spirit and get information about people from the spirits. Just because someone is able to perform signs and wonders does not mean they are doing it through the power of God. In Exodus 7:11, we see that Pharaoh's wise men, sorcerers and magicians did some of the miracles that Moses, a servant of God, did with their demonic enchantments. They even operate out of churches. There are many spiritual or "white garment" churches around the City. Some of them worship angels or African deities like Sango, Orisha, Yemoja or Ogun. If you’ve involved yourself with these people and their practices, you opened your life to demonic attacks and need deliverance. Every time you go to the devil for protection or anything, he gives you his demonic spirits which manifest themselves in your life as bad luck, curses, night visitors etc. You must repent of your worship of false gods and renounce them.

2. Negative prenatal influences, such as visiting a witch doctor before or while pregnant or even the thought of having an abortion.

3. Pressures in early childhood such as sexual abuse and childhood rivalry.

4. Emotional shock or sustained emotional pressure. For examples witnessing a murder or being in a burning building.

5. Sinful acts or habits. Because of their sin, Ananias and Sapphira opened themselves to be filled with spirits of covetousness, lying and deceit. See Acts 5:3 and John 5:14.

6. Laying on of hands. Just as the Holy Spirit can be imparted through the laying on of hands (Acts 19:6), demonic spirits can be transferred through laying of hands (transference of spirits). You can't allow just anybody to lay hands on you. It does not matter what their title or position is. You need to test all spirits and make sure they are of God before you allow them to lay hands on you. It is very dangerous going from church to church in search of help. Many people have become possessed and their problem gotten worse because they visit a pastor with "another spirit" not of God. Be careful.

7. Inheritance. Sometimes the source of your problem is not you. Sometimes it is your ancestors. They made a covenant with Satan years ago on your behalf and you are suffering from the result of the agreement. Just like a person can inherit diabetes because it is in their family or gene, a person can inherit curses, hindrances and blockages. There are many people who can't make headway in life today because of the sins and covenants of their ancestors. The bible makes it clear that God visits the iniquities of the father upon the children to the third and fourth generation. (Exodus 20:5) That means you may be suffering from the sins and evil work that your ancestors have committed 160 years ago. They may have gone to these evil doers to help them conceive a child-you! These acts become destiny changers in your life; the devil does not give anything without demanding a great price in return. Do you really know your ancestors? Do you know what kind of evil and idolatry they were involved in? Like Daniel and Jeremiah (Daniel 9:16), you may need to confess the sins of your ancestors and ask for forgiveness on their behalf so that the curse may be lifted. If they have signed any contract with the devil, you need to break and destroy those covenants.

8. Demonic contact such as playing with Ouija board.

9. Cultural dance, rituals and pagan festivals. Some of these events allow the worship of deities and idol worship. We look at these as being merely cultural and see no harm in participating. You allow your children to dress up for Halloween and other festivals without knowing what doors you are opening. Be careful!

10. Unforgiveness– The failure to forgive caused the unjust steward to be turned over to the "tormentors". Demon spirits are tormentors. See Matthew 18.

11. Carved objects—some of the African or cultural art work are representation of deities. They usual have residual demonic spirits and powers in them. Many people have noticed strange occurrences when they bring these objects to their home. There is a lot of interest among many African Americans to trace their root to the motherland (Africa). While there is nothing wrong with that itself, the problem is that many embrace everything that comes out of Africa without question. The truth is that some of the things they embrace are demonic and cursed. Not all things about Africa or America are Godly. Be careful.

12. Charms. Good luck charms or charms worn for protection are demonic. Only God can protect. Any other source of protection is demonic and invites demons and curses into your life.

13. Haunted Places. The name alone should make you beware; use caution.

14. Music and Movies and Books—There is a demonic agenda to demonize people, especially children. Some of the movies and music youths listen to are demonic. These mediums are used in a subtle way to introduce children to witchcraft and magic. Books like Harry Porter make it seem alright to dabble into magic and witchcraft. Be careful.

These article was extracted from Pastor Femi's Deliverance Today Bulletin. It is available free of charge. To request a copy, call us or send us an email at

Close all doors to Satan
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